Deadly Secret

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Eve Masterson, a best-selling author, is on top of the literary world. She stumbles upon a mysterious journal in Italy that contains the secrets of a powerful crime family that had settled in her hometown of Chicago. However, she had never heard of the family before. After hours of poring over documents in the library and courthouse, she doesn’t find one shred of evidence of the Amato family.

Lucca Conti planned and executed the complete destruction of the Amato family. He was sure he had eliminated all evidence of the family, scrubbing their existence from the face of the earth. But did he?

In a flurry of the attack, Dante, the next heir to the Amato family, was taken away with the aid of his devoted nanny. She kept him hidden until he was ready to take vengeance for the death of his family. He devoted himself to creating a new, more formidable family to reclaim what was his, and exacting revenge on the man who stole his family. As the young woman inquires around town about the Amato family, he can't help but wonder how she heard their name. One evening, as Dante follows the young woman, he witnesses her being attacked by a Cunti assassin. Coming to her aid, her beauty and strength take his breath away.

Will Eve survive with Dante’s help, or will Lucca silence her forever?

What happens when Lucca finds out his plan failed?

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Deadly Secret