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Irish Mafia Romance

Broken Lullaby

Noah Kelly, son of Liam Kelly, the Irish mafia Boss of New York and New Jersey, is attending college in Boston. Hiding under his alias, Tony Hayes, he has led a normal existence except for the ever-present security guards. At his favorite club, he meets a woman unlike anyone else. They share one night of passion cut short by his father being gunned down. He rushes home and in the confusion, he fails to get her number.

Scarlett Murphy, daughter of Pentecostal Preacher Weston Murphy, defies her father’s wishes and goes to school in Boston. One night, her roommates pull her away from the books to go clubbing.

The moment he asked her to dance, she knew her life would forever be changed.
Months later, she finds herself pregnant with no way to let the father know about his twin boys.

However, fate steps in and they are reunited with a bang.

Will they find love in the end, or will the lullaby be broken forever?

Sexy Mystery Mafia Romance

Deadly Secrets

Eve Masterson, a best-selling author, is on top of the literary world. She stumbles upon a mysterious journal in Italy that contains the secrets of a powerful crime family that had settled in her hometown of Chicago. However, she had never heard of the family before. After hours of poring over documents in the library and courthouse, she doesn’t find one shred of evidence of the Amato family.

Lucca Conti planned and executed the complete destruction of the Amato family. He was sure he had eliminated all evidence of the family, scrubbing their existence from the face of the earth. But did he?

In a flurry of the attack, Dante, the next heir to the Amato family, was taken away with the aid of his devoted nanny. She kept him hidden until he was ready to take vengeance for the death of his family. He devoted himself to creating a new, more formidable family to reclaim what was his, and exacting revenge on the man who stole his family. As the young woman inquires around town about the Amato family, he can’t help but wonder how she heard their name. One evening, as Dante follows the young woman, he witnesses her being attacked by a Cunti assassin. Coming to her aid, her beauty and strength take his breath away.

Will Eve survive with Dante’s help, or will Lucca silence her forever?

What happens when Lucca finds out his plan failed?

Hot Mafia Don who is also a Dominant

Bound Series

Dominant Mafia Romance

Bound to the Family

Carolina Weston has never known love. Her parents treated her as an outsider. Men never quenched her undiscovered desires and needs. Then one summer, while looking for something to read, she came across a book that answered so many questions about her sexual desires. However, she didn’t know how to find a Dominant.

Antonio Russo is preparing to succeed his father in the family business. He would be the next Don of the feared Russo Crime Family. But before he could take over, he must meet the last requirement. He had to find a wife. The woman not only had to be a perfect Don’s wife, but also a submissive who can meet all his needs and desires in his playroom. When Ace meets the new server at his club, his entire is turned upside down.

Can Carolina be the woman he has been looking for? When Carolina’s heritage reveals a dangerous secret, will it tear them apart?

Bound Together

Ace and Carolina are preparing for their wedding and joining the Russo and De Luca Crime Families under their combined rule.

With her world spinning out of control, her only solace is in her Dominant’s playroom. Whenever she doubts her ability to be both a submissive and a Donna, Ace helps her realize that she is more than strong enough.

But what about her father and stepbrother? Will they stand in the way, or will Ace and Carolina show just who is in control?

Bound and Dangerous

Join Don Antonio Russo and Donna Carolina De Luca-Russo as they begin their new adventures in combining two powerful crime families together while exploring their Dominant/submissive relationship in Master Antonio’s playroom.

But with Carolina’s father on the run, will he cause problems that might be too great even for this powerful couple?

Can they keep their families safe, their relationship safe, or will they be torn apart or even worse?

Bound and United

Bound and United is the fourth book in the Bound Series.

The story of Don Antonio and Donna Carolina, as they fight with their most evil villain yet.

Carolina and Elizabeth must stay strong together as they are kidnapped by a madman. All the while, they must protect their precious cargo.

Ace and Sean will stop at nothing to get their wives back.

Will they be able to fight death and be joined once more, or will they be forever torn apart from each other?

Hot Dominant Romance

Trust and Obey

Abby is a twenty-two-year-old college graduate who has been coerced into attending two weeks of pre-wedding activities as the Maid of Honor for her best friend Livi’s lavish wedding.

She is also dealing with PTSD suffered at the hands of a Dominant in whom she had placed her trust. Her body scarred and her faith and trust shattered, she moves to pursue her dream job and start her life over again.

Leo is the thirty-eight-year-old brother of the groom, who has opened his home to his future sister-in-law’s Maid of Honor during the wedding festivities. As the groom’s older brother by sixteen years, he has established himself as a respected and affluent citizen and Dominant.

What happens when Leo meets Abby upon her arrival at the Steele compound, only to discover that her presence has uncovered a memory from not long ago?

What happens when Leo is immediately attracted to Abbey as a potential love interest and as a Dominant?

Is it possible that Abby’s trust in the community can be restored by a man she just met? Will she be able to return to the role of a submissive?

Abby and Leo are about to make several discoveries about themselves and each other.

Sexy Mystery Mafia Romance

Heart of the Mafia

Sofia Grace Alexander, the only child of Nicholas Alexander, Don of the Alexander Crime family and the future leader of the family.

She was the precious shining light in Nicholas’s dark life. They had a unique bond with each other. Until tragedy hits, and Sofia and her mother are killed. Or are they?

How far will one brother go to take control of the family? And how will a childhood friend be the one to unravel the mystery of Sofia’s disappearance and bring her back to her father?

Can they protect her from those who want her dead and buried?

Sweet Romance

In a Heartbeat

In a heartbeat, Daniel’s life changed. What was supposed to be the joyful, life-changing experience, the birth of their daughter, turned into a nightmare. The love of his life, lifeless on the delivery table, as he held his daughter in his arms. His loving wife’s last selfless desire was granted by donating her organs.

Julie was in the critical care unit at John Hopkins, praying for a heart transplant. Her career as a ballerina was cut short by a failing heart. With hours, to live, a miracle happens and she is given a new chance on life.

What happens when years later Daniel moves back home to Baltimore and enrolls his daughter in a dance class? Will the beauty in tights capture his heart?

But what happens when he learns her secret?

Christmas Novella

Wishing Upon a Snowflake

Noelle Byrd has never seen snow, but when she and her mother move to New York, she does. Believing that the one special wish that came from the heart and wished upon a snowflake will come true. Her wish is to see her daddy.

Dr. Gabriella Byrd is a well-renowned pediatric neurologist and is hired to head the department at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She is a strong independent single mother after a magical one nightstand.

Nickolas Callahan is a pediatric surgeon and the son of the Mayor of New York. Work is his life because he lost his heart to a woman in St. Barts.

What happens when Gabriella and Nickolas see each other again?

Will Noelle’s wish come true, or will her hopes melt away?