Broken Lullaby

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Noah Kelly, son of Liam Kelly, the mafia Boss of New York and New Jersey, has been off to college in Boston. Hiding under his alias, Tony Hayes, he has led a normal existence except for the ever-present security guard. At his favorite club, he meets a woman unlike anyone else. They share one night of passion cut short by his father being gunned down.

Scarlett Murphy, daughter of Pentecostal Preacher Weston Murphy, defied her father's wishes and goes to school in Boston. One night, her roommates talked her into putting away the books to go to a club. The moment he asked her to dance, she knew her life would forever be changed.

Months later, Scarlett finds out she is pregnant with no way to let the father know about his twin boys. However, fate steps in, and they are reunited with a bang.

Will they find love in the end, or will the lullaby be broken forever?

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Broken Lullaby