Bound to the Family ~ Bound Series Book One ~ eBook

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Carolina Weston has never known love. Her parents treated her as an outsider. Men never quenched her undiscovered desires and needs. Then one summer, while looking for something to read, she came across a book that answered so many questions about her sexual desires. However, she didn’t know how to find a Dominant.

Antonio Russo is preparing to succeed his father in the family business. He would be the next Don of the feared Russo Crime Family. But before he could take over, he must meet the last requirement. He had to find a wife. The woman not only had to be a perfect Don’s wife but also a submissive who can meet all his needs and desires in his playroom. When Ace meets the new server at his club, his entire is turned upside down.

Can Carolina be the woman he has been looking for? When Carolina’s heritage reveals a dangerous secret, will it tear them apart?

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Bound to the Family ~ Bound Series Book One ~ eBook