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Heart of the Mafia 0

Heart of the Mafia

Sofia Grace Alexander, the only child of Nicholas Alexander, Don of the Alexander Crime family and the future leader of the family.

She was the precious shining light in Nicholas’s dark life. They had a unique bond with each other. Until tragedy hits, and Sofia and her mother are killed. Or are they?

How far will one brother go to take control of the family? And how will a childhood friend be the one to unravel the mystery of Sofia’s disappearance and bring her back to her father?

Can they protect her from those who want her dead and buried?

Welcome to the Wicked Writing Wench’s World of Amber Joi Scott 0

Welcome to the Wicked Writing Wench’s World of Amber Joi Scott

Welcome to my Wicked Writing Wench’s World.

Hi, I am Amber Joi Scott or the Wicked Writing Wench, born and raised in the South with a snarky attitude and kiss-my-ass mentality. Also, being born in the month of August, I embrace my Leo sign, letting my interior lion roar through my writing.

I live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley with my big, burly husband and our many fur babies. Raising my children to be polite, hardworking, young adults is and will always be my biggest accomplishment. When deciding on a pen name, I decided to dedicate all my writing to my children by using parts of their names as my pen name. 

I am happy you have come by and seen what is happening with my projects. What will you see when you visit my website? There will be updates on my books, a look at future projects, teasers, upcoming events, and of course, HOT SEXY IMAGES.