In a Heartbeat Release Date

In a Heartbeat is going to be released on Amazon on March 20, 2021. Presale is up and available for ebooks, with printed books coming available the week leading up to the release.

In a heartbeat, Daniel’s life changed. What was supposed to be the joyful, life-changing experience, the birth of their daughter, turned into a nightmare. The love of his life, lifeless on the delivery table, as he held his daughter in his arms. His loving wife’s last selfless desire was granted by donating her organs.

Julie was in the critical care unit at John Hopkins, praying for a heart transplant. Her career as a ballerina cut short by a failing heart. With hours to live a miracle happens and she is given a new chance on life.

What happens when years later Daniel moves back home to Baltimore and enrolls his daughter in a dance class? Will the beauty in tights capture his heart?

But what happens when he learns her secret?

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